The rapid prototyping sector is continuously evolving. In a short time, new technologies have been developed and consequently updated. For this reason, S.C.P. has brought its knowledge and competence into a service. Owing no production premises, we feel we can develop the best potentials of this job, into something real.

Our first steps into rapid prototyping were taken to meet the urgent requirements connected to innovation of the Racing sector. In the last few years, we have come across a market full of opportunities for many sectors and we believe that many of them have not been discovered, yet.

We own no production site and this makes us free, in the purest sense of the word. Free to advise our customers about the most appropriate technology or material to employ and evaluate the best prices in the market. Free to do our job exclusively for the customer’s benefit.

This is what a service must be: someone who knows the market very well and can help you to find your way throughout its endless opportunities.

  • Advice

We know that even the easiest project needs care and attention in order to generate the best results. This is the reason why we acknowledge the importance of a dialogue with our customers so to develop the most appropriate solution that involves any opportunities given by the market.
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  • Timing

We have taken our first steps in the Racing sector, so we perfectly know the value of timing and we are aware that, very often, an instant can make the difference between winners and losers. We like to win and our nature allows us to be flexible and fast, since we deal with the best suppliers in the market and we must act very quickly.
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  • Money saving

The fact that our service works with many suppliers, implies another advantage since the market trends are always monitored and every customer’ order can be dealt accordingly. This is the reason why we always get the best quality-price ratio available in the market.
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