Designers, project managers and engineers know the value of promptness very well. Becoming the first one to launch an innovative and appealing product into the market, both in terms of esthetic and functional features, often determines the success of a business. The employment of a prototype to assess the properties of an object before its production starts is becoming a priority in all those sectors where design has a key role. Furniture design, jewelry, architecture, ergonomics, high-tech and many other sectors need to evaluate many aspects of one product before its launching into the market. In these cases, rapid prototyping techniques give a valuable contribution. Firstly, they build prototypes very quickly and cost-effectively.
Secondly, they offer a range of extremely refined finishes, making the prototype look like the serial object and thus allowing the evaluation of technical and functional aspects of the product, along with emotional, aesthetical related aspects.

Our rapid prototyping service owns the knowledge and the experience to employ these technologies and we can recommend the best solution to achieve the expected results.
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  • Recommended technologies for design

The various technologies of rapid prototyping differ from each other for their specific features, making them more appropriate especially for some applications. The choice of the best technology for the development of a project mainly depends upon the goals you wish achieve.
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