The mechanical sector has undergone deep changes in the last few years. Increasingly demanding customers and a more customized approach are causing a rise in the need of rapid prototyping for functional tests.
The metalworking sector, comprises many application areas of these technologies some of which, being still uncommon, convey prestige to the companies where they are applied. One of these application areas involves the development of an ergonomic design, also aesthetic and innovative, for production plants. This brings to create more pleasant looking and less unsafe production sites, being factors of interests for the leading companies that are inclined to make premium price investments so to benefit from this added value.
More traditional fields are instead those oriented in exploring all necessary modifications and customization of mechanical parts in already existing plants. There, rapid prototyping systems can reduce the time for testing and, accordingly, the costs.

We supply a rapid prototyping service and pursue the best result, in the shortest time at the lowest costs.
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  • Recommended technologies for mechanics and automation

The various technologies of rapid prototyping differ from each other for their specific features, making them more appropriate especially for some applications. The choice of the best technology for the development of a project mainly depends upon the goals you wish achieve.
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