Innovation is vital for automotive. Conceptual models and prototypes are a daily routine in a continuously developing sector, where success depends upon new competitive solutions and fulfilment of increasingly demanding market requirements.
For the most competitive areas of this sector and the less aggressive ones (apparently, at least), rapid prototyping has long since become an inalienable partner.
For those businesses committed in the racing sector, where a single detail makes a difference between winning and losing a championship, the frequent employment of prototypes is clearly vital to test the efficacy of new mechanical and aerodynamic parts.
Yet, its relevance is also evident in other areas connected automotive, continuously requiring new functional, technical and emotional solutions in order to meet the increasing needs of the market.

This is also the sector where we were born and matured our experience and inner passion. This is where we took our first steps into the rapid prototyping world and grew up until S.C.P. turned into one of the most skillful prototyping services in Italy.
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  • Recommended technologies for Automotive

When building prototypes for the Automotive sector, all technologies are recommended. The most frequently used one is the Selective Laser Sintering but all of them are equally appropriate. What matters is a careful evaluation of goals.
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