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Rapid prototyping comprises many industrial technologies that allow production of prototypes quickly and cost-effectively, unlike traditional methods do. Companies founded on design and innovation usually have an immediate perception of its value, conversely those committed in less innovative market sectors, don’t. Yet, we are facing today an important market change, where success is granted for those investing in strategy and innovation.

Creating brand new products or a quality restyling of the existing ones is increasingly becoming the distinguishing element for a company’s success, regardless the market sector it comes from.
The possibility to create quickly prototypes to make ergonomic analysis, visual analysis, shape and functioning tests, engineering assessments and functional tests has become extremely important.
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  • Sectors of applications

The multiple contexts that can benefit from rapid prototyping techniques range from racing cars to furniture design and also comprise medical, goldsmith, dental and metalworking sectors.
Reported below the description of four target areas where rapid prototyping services are mainly employed.
Many others also exist.

  • Automotive

Innovation is vital for automotive. Conceptual models and prototypes are a daily routine in a continuously developing sector, where success depends upon new competitive solutions and fulfilment of increasingly demanding market requirements.
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  • Odontology

There is a much more rapid and precise method than hand modelling, to make crowns, bridges, dental models from porcelain or other materials. The rapid prototyping techniques, in fact, can be a valuable aid for all dental laboratories pursuing excellent quality and accuracy.
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  • Design

Designers, project managers and engineers know the value of promptness very well. Becoming the first one to launch an innovative and appealing product into the market, both in terms of esthetic and functional features, often determines the success of a business.
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  • Mechanics and Automation

The mechanical sector has undergone deep changes in the last few years. Increasingly demanding customers and a more customized approach are causing a rise in the need of rapid prototyping for functional tests.
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